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The Acquaviva Thermal Park, an innovative facility nestled in lush green countryside, is the ideal place to relax and rediscover your mental and physical well-being in a space surrounded by flowers, plants, sun and where the thermal water is the main protagonist. It is this water, uncontaminated as it flows from the spring, that feeds three swimming pools, with whirlpools and counter-current swimming pools, turbo showers, “humages nature” and a heated mud dispenser.

The ACQUAVIVA Thermal Park offers anti-stress, slimming, firming and toning treatments. There is also a fresh water swimming pool and a gym. Water aerobics courses are held for guests.

In the Acquavival Thermal Park the offer is completed by the Wellness Center.

For the little ones, Birba Club was born, a space with a playground and a child-friendly freshwater swimming pool with lots of fun possibilities.

Type of Ticket
Single Ticket
€ 15,00 (Agust € 18,00)
10 Entry Season Ticket
€120,00 (August € 140,00)
Children 0-5 years
free access
Children 6-12 years
€ 10,00
Single Ticket for hotel guests of S.A.TE.CA.
€ 7,00
12 entry season ticket for hotel guests of S.A.TE.CA
€ 76,00

Things to do in the Thermal Park

Thermal Hydromassage
It has toning, firming, slimming effects and fights cellulite. It stimulates the circulatory functions and improves peripheral vascular disease, arthrosis, the after-effects of trauma and rheumatism. Useful in case of dermatological pathologies (acne, seborrhea, eczema, particularly suitable, thanks to the nature of our waters, for the treatment of psoriasis).

Counter-current swimming
Effective form of water gymnastics, slimming and firming; particularly suitable for strengthening the muscle mass.

The Power Showers
A hydrotherapy treatment that allows you to take advantage of the temperature and hydrodynamic properties of the water, such as direction, movement of the jets and pressure. It has toning and firming effects and improves peripheral circulation.

The cutaneous mud bath
An original application of thermal mud with unsurpassed therapeutic and cosmetological qualities. It is particularly suitable for skin blemishes, acne, dermatitis. It has slimming, firming, anti-cellulite effects.

The Humage nature
It allows bathers to exploit the action of the sulphurous gas that is released from the thermal water. The inhaled substances have beneficial effects on the respiratory tract, with a curative and preventive action, especially for chronic diseases.

The joint intervention of all these factors, combined with the environmental characteristics of the Thermal Park, allows a rapid and effective physical rehabilitation and becomes a pleasant moment of relaxation, with positive effects from a psychological point of view.

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